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City Attorney's Opinion. Read the text here.

Kenís Channel 8 Campaign Speech. Read the text here.

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On the Issues

We must:


Boulder needs to continue its leadership role in energy conservation and renewable energy. The evidence for climate change is undeniable, as is the prospect for declines in oil production. As an engineer and scientist, Ken brings innovation and experience to Boulderís work on these issues. He will work to:

  • Push for the acceleration of programs that foster energy conservation in residential and commercial structures
  • Partner with other cities in Colorado to move toward more renewable energy on a regional and statewide basis
  • Promote more renewable energy on the local distribution grid through the use of smart grid technology
  • Support electric vehicles through public charging stations and smart charging at night when wind energy is plentiful.


Boulder is an amazing city. To keep Boulder the place where we love to live, Ken will work to:

  • Keep our Open Space accessible, while protecting it from overuse.† This is a delicate balance that will be increasingly difficult to maintain.† Good trails make for good outdoor experiences and for good preservation.
  • Continue to improve our Parks and Recreation facilities for everyone to enjoy
  • Improve our library system with both traditional facilities and information age technology
  • Assure vibrant, safe, walkable neighborhoods


The services that we value in the city, such as libraries, recreation centers, parks and Open Space are all supported by sales and property taxes. To maintain and improve the high level of services that we currently enjoy, we must assure the economic health and vitality of the City. Ken will work to:

  • Support the City Manager in Priority Based Budgeting to promote †more and better services through efficiency
  • Continue to fund economic incentives to retain local businesses and bring in the kind of new businesses that fit Boulder
  • Work with the Chamber of Commerce and business leaders to maintain a good business climate
  • Keep Boulder as a hub of innovation and an incubator for new businesses

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