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It has been a busy four years for me on City Council and with my consulting business.  Here are some of the accomplishments that I would like to highlight:

City Council

  • Smart Regulations – I negotiated with the leadership of Boulder Area Realtor’s Association to make the new Smart Regs a plan that they could support and help implement.  This program has been very successful in the first six months of implementation.
  • Open Space Management – I have worked with the Boulder Outdoor Coalition and members of Friends Of Boulder Open Space, to help get good outcomes with the West Trail Study Area management plan.  This plan strikes a good balance between preservation and recreation.
  • Valmont Bike Park – The new Valmont Bike Park opened several months ago to rave reviews.  I helped in the design and approval process for this park, which is fast becoming a signature park for Boulder.
  • Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Update – I have worked with other Council members and County Commissioners on changes to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.  This is a major update that will define land use and other issues on our borders with Boulder County.
  • Urban Drainage and Flood Control District Board – I am a member of the Board of Directors of UDFCD, working with other elected officials on flood issues throughout the region.  I have helped secure funding for several Boulder flood evaluation and flood control projects.
  • Water Resources Plan – I was one of two council members who helped with the new water resources plan, which looked at various climate change scenarios and how they would impact the City’s water resources.  We found that our water resources should serve us well, through build out, under virtually all scenarios. 
  • Consortium of Cities – I have been working at the Boulder County level with Commissioner Ben Pearlman and other elected officials on areas of mutual concern such as energy conservation, economic partnerships and transportation.
  • Priority Based Budgeting – I have been a strong supporter of the City Manager’s new budgeting process.  This process is finding efficiencies in our budget where we can combine efforts among City departments and determine which services are working well and which are not.

Professional Career:

  • Community Solar Gardens – I testified in favor of Community Solar Gardens at the State House of Representatives and the State Senate, helping to get a favorable bill that permits Solar Gardens throughout Xcel’s service area.  I have worked at the Public Utilities Commission for good rules that will foster Solar Gardens.  I have provided consulting for the City of Golden on Solar Gardens and for other clients who want to build them in the coming years.
  • Regional work on Renewable Energy (CRES) – I am a member of the Policy Committee for CRES.  This organization promotes renewable energy throughout Colorado.  The Policy Committee works with State Legislators on bills that will facilitate more renewable energy.
  • Rocky Mountain Secure Smart Grid Initiative – I worked with Colorado State University and Spirae (a Ft. Collins Smart Grid Company) on a very large proposal to the Department of Energy.  This proposal, though not funded, would have implemented demonstration projects in Boulder and other cities on solar energy, electric vehicles, and smart grid security.
  • Power Tagging  – Power Tagging is a Boulder start-up that has a game changing invention that will make smart grids more cost effective and more versatile.  I have worked in business development for Power Tagging for the past year, promoting their products to municipal utilities across the US and helping set up relationships with foreign power companies.
  • Carbon Cycling in Alpine Fungi – I did laboratory and field work on alpine fungi that grow under the snow in alpine areas.  These “snow molds” have a large biomass and may be an important element in carbon cycling during late winter and early spring under the snow pack.  This was part of my work on a Master’s degree in Biology at CU.

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