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Channel 8 Speech - Ken Wilson 8/28/2011

Hello.† My name is Ken Wilson.† I am here to ask you to re-elect me to Boulder City Council.† I am grateful that so many voters supported me four years ago.† Representing you as council member and Deputy Mayor has taught me a great deal about our community.† I would like to continue to use what I have learned to serve the City of Boulder.

My goal is to promote good governance.† We need to make intelligent and well-informed decisions to assure that Boulder prospers and continues to be the place we all want to live.

As I see it, key challenges now facing the city include timely improvements to our infrastructure, expansion of transportation alternatives, and promotion of a sustainable green energy portfolio.† Stretching taxpayer dollars to meet these challenges will require clear thinking and sound management.† As an engineer and scientist with experience in business, I bring knowledge and skills to Councilís deliberations that will help foster the best possible outcomes for the City.

Specifically, I want to see Boulder keep its leadership role in environmental issues with improvements in energy conservation and renewable energy.† I want to see us manage our Open Space to balance recreation with preservation.† I want to see us support our libraries, parks and recreation centers so everyone can enjoy them.† I want to see us improve our transportation system, keeping our streets in repair and expanding our multi-modal opportunities.†

To do all this, we need to keep our economy healthy, with well paying jobs and good housing.† And we need to be financially vigilant, watching our budget and making responsible use of taxpayersí money.

Several ballot issues will impact these goals now and in the future.† I encourage you to vote YES on 2A.† This bond issue supports maintenance of the cityís infrastructure, like streets and parks, and requires no new taxes.

My support for green energy projects at the local and state levels causes me to have grave concerns regarding ballot issues 2B and 2C.† 2B and 2C propose that we municipalize Boulderís electricity supply.† My analysis of the financial and technical challenges leads me to conclude that municipalization would be expensive, risky, and not necessarily green.† I think there are better alternatives for our energy future.

In closing, I want to thank you for electing me four years ago.† I would like one more term to continue Boulderís tradition of innovative governance.††† Please vote for me, Ken Wilson, when you fill out your ballot.† Thank you.

Authorized and paid for by Campaign to Reelect Ken Wilson, Bob Yates, Treasurer.
A copy of our report is filed with the City Clerk of the City of Boulder, Colorado.
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