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City Attorney's Opinion. Read the text here.

Ken’s Channel 8 Campaign Speech. Read the text here.

Ken's 3-minute candidate statement video. Watch It.

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ReElectKenWilson [at] gmail.org

Major Organizational Endorsements

The following organizations have endorsed Ken and recommend that you re-elect him to City Council:

“In his four years of service on Council, Ken has shown sensitivity to economic sustainability issues, a practical, analytical approach, and the courage to speak the facts on issues. We believe he will become even more effective in the next four years as he builds on his experience.”

~ Boulder Chamber of Commerce

“Ken is an engineer and a scientist, and these qualities have been invaluable in his four years on Council. He recognizes governing shouldn’t be a political agenda, but rather making rational decisions that work.”

~ Boulder Outdoor Coalition

“Ken has shown a balanced and reasoned approach to matters coming before him during his four years on City Council, with a keen sense of responsibility to economic sustainability. We would like to see Ken re-elected so that the city will continue to benefit from his experience and his rational evaluation of community issues.”

~ Boulder Area Realtor Association

“Ken has demonstrated an open and sensible approach to community issues. He does not bring in a personal agenda--he listens to everyone, and then makes rational decisions.”

~ Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Space (FIDOS)

Individual Contributors

Ken thanks the following people who have contributed to his campaign:

  • Bob Yates
  • Gordon Riggle
  • Suzanne Ageton
  • Nancy Portner
  • Eric Blank
  • John Voorhees
  • Mark Ruzzin
  • Jane Stoyva
  • Timothy Seastedt
  • Jason Vogel
  • Thomas Isaacson
  • Mary Street
  • William Shrum
  • Katy Yates
  • Daniel Cohen
  • Lori Fuller
  • Laura Osburn
  • Shiela Horton
  • Gary Horton
  • Laurence Kinney
  • Scott Gibbons
  • Andrew Dunbar
  • Jenifer Kwasniewski
  • Jo Anne Howe
  • Shelley Dunbar
  • Allen Meyer
  • Stan Garnett
  • Paul Wilson
  • Terry Rodrigue
  • Deanne Fujli
  • Kenneth Hotard
  • Andrew Shoemaker
  • Charles Hunker
  • Jim Pribyl
  • Michelle Estrella

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