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About Ken

Ken at the University of Colorado Tundra Lab on Niwot
Ridge, collecting soil samples from under the snow pack.

A sixteen-year resident of Boulder, Ken Wilson won the Special Election for Council in July 2007 and then received the highest number of votes in the General Election in November 2007, to earn a four year seat on Council. Ken was appointed Deputy Mayor by his colleagues in November 2009. From 2002 to 2007, Ken held an appointment to Boulderís Water Resources Advisory Board. He is currently working as an engineering consultant on smart grid technology with innovative companies like Power Tagging and Spirae. Ken has been actively working on Community Solar Gardens at the state and local level as a consultant for the City of Golden and for clients who want to build solar gardens.

Ken has had a long career in engineering management at Bell Labs and AT&T, starting at the Labs in 1980 and taking an early retirement package in 1998. At Bell Labs he worked on network architecture, network performance, asset management, cellular telephones and many other projects. He was one of the team leaders in an effort in the early 1990s that saved AT&T $2 billion in avoided capital and $200 million per year in expenses.

From 1998 to 2007 Ken ran a telecommunications consulting business, primarily acting as a technical expert in court proceedings and cases before public utility commissions that involved disputes between telecom utilities. In 2005 Ken started volunteering in a microbiology lab at the University of Colorado, Department of Ecological and Evolutionary Biology. This turned into a Masterís program for Ken, and he completed all the course work and research for a Masterís degree in Biology. The completion of this work was put on hold to focus on renewable energy and smart grid projects.

Here is the complete record of Ken's education and employment.

  • 1972 BS in Electrical Engineering - Oklahoma State University
  • 1974 MS in Electrical Engineering - University of Illinois
  • 1977 All but Dissertation for PhD. in Electrical Engineering - University of Illinois
  • 1977-1979 helped start a software engineering company in New Jersey
  • 1979-1980 engineering management at an electronics factory
  • 1980-1995 Bell Labs in New Jersey
  • 1995-1998 AT&T in Denver - commuted every day on RTD
  • 1998-2009 Boulder Telecommunications Consultants
  • 2005-2009 Microbiology and Ecology studies at the University of Colorado
  • 2009-present TransGrid Consulting
Ken and his wife Priscilla have lived in Boulder since 1995. Their two daughters both graduated from Boulder High. Their older daughter is a published author who writes under the name G. Willow Wilson. Their younger daughter, Meredith Wilson, is an epidemiologist who works at Virginia Tech as a research associate.

View Ken's full resume here [PDF]

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